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Haymarket Riot essays

Haymarket Riot essays As result of the Industrial Revolution, people in America earned more money, most of which they used to open new businesses and factories. There were now many different types of machines to do the work that people had to do themselves in the past. Thus, machines rapidly replaced people. Now with less people working and getting paid, there were people that could afford what these factories were making. Most of the people working in the United States at this time were immigrants, so they were forced to work for very low wages. A working adult would be considered lucky to bring home a daily income of only $2.00. Kids on the other hand, only made about 70 cents a day for spending their entire childhood sorting through coal or performing other strenuous jobs. Most people worked between ten and fourteen hours each day with peanuts for income. As result, Chicago Illinois, as well as many other cities in the United States, fell into poverty. However, not all employees at this time were cruel and blackhearted. Most at the time though just wanted to get the most out of their employees for the least amount of pay. Soon the Labor Union movement started. People in this union wanted to ban child labor, increase pay, and to create shorter workdays. Conflict after conflict broke out spawning from the Labor Union; many of which the police were brought in to settle. By 1886, the major concern of the Labor Union was to establish an eight-hour workday. By now there were several unions, all of which could not agree with one another on how to fight for this rightfully deserved demand. Finally, the Knights of Labor, who originated in Chicago, organized a nation wide strike. However, the newspapers, business leaders, and politicians didnt agree with these actions. They said, the new eight-hour workday would promote loafing, gambling, rioting, debauchery and drunkenness (Simon). Knowing that they would be fired, workers still stood up f...

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Evaluation of article from The Economist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evaluation of article from The Economist - Essay Example The abstract statement (â€Å"Sooty skies†, 1) uses technical terms that make it difficult for a novice of the field of aviation to understand, without reading the article, what the article is about. Right at the very start of the article the writer addresses an aspect of de-icing an aeroplane in the first sentence and continues on with it in the third sentence with no regard for the change of perspective in the second sentence. Similarly in the second paragraph, the writer introduces a Dawid Janas with no reference to Dawid’s relevance to the discussion until later on in the article. Then the article moves on to describe the process of formation of a substance without describing the background of the substance and its relevance to the topic of the article, making it hard for the reader to maintain interest. The writer commits a similar mistake by describing the conductivity of the substance in detail without first stating that conductance of electricity though the subs tance is a process of the new de-icing technique. This application of the substance becomes clear only later on with an indirect reference to it by the writer as he compares the two substances used in de-icing. While a lot of information in the article is misleading and some is suspicious, the content does provide the necessary knowledge needed to understand the views expressed and the basics of the technology referred to by the writer. However the article contains engineering jargon that makes the aspect of de-icing techniques covered in the article irrelevant to business course students, though the price and viability comparisons of materials for de-icing in the later paragraphs can be considered relevant to the domain of business management education. The only image included in the article offers little help in understanding the gist of the article without having read a good part of the written content first. Amusingly

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Interdependence and Independence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interdependence and Independence - Essay Example 201). In support of the observations, people are, in the modern times, learning about becoming independent. People no longer wish to share their concerns with others. This is because they tend to create social security for their private matters. Culture is fading away slowly and gradually, it does not significantly affect the decisions made by the people. For instance, if someone has issues with their spouse, culture would dictate that they continue living together. This should not be the case as people have the right to make their own independent decisions. An individual’s needs are more important than the community’s needs. People are more important than their communities are. The community regulates the rules and regulations that involve assisting one another. The rules advocate for community coexistence, getting it wrong. People in the community should push for what is beneficial to their lives. A person cannot seek for the rights of the community at the expense of their own benefit. I will raise my children differently from the way I was raised. It is important to appreciate and respect their efforts and decisions. There is need to encourage them to become independent thinkers. This is because they must be accountable for their own decisions and actions. Parents should only provide their children with guidance, in order to have them make the right choices in life. Through independence, individuals are able to understand themselves. They realize their uniqueness and acquire the ability for self-development. Independence affects the personality of an individual positively because they act without other people’s influence. People are able to keep their thoughts and feelings as secrets, increasing their internal activity. Independence gives an individual a sense of control over their lives. It is important to listen to parents whenever they give

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Customer perspectives revisited Essay Example for Free

Customer perspectives revisited Essay When a business loses the drive to pursue and retain customers, it loses its soul and therefore the right to exist. No business can function, thrive or prosper without a reliable customer base. In the customer perspective theory BSC makes it clear that it is not only essential to know who the target customers are and how a business can better serve that customer base. The BSC identifies three primary ways of providing services to customers in the Balance scorecard system. Operational excellence emphasizes low prices, and convenience ( Nevin 2003). Product leadership focuses on providing the  best product in the market. In customer intimacy the business stresses the development of long term relationships with the customer, doing whatever is necessary to know what it is that the customer truly wants. It does so while maintaining as much knowledge as possible of its customers. The reason for these efforts in acquiring superior customer knowledge comes down to the point that the businesses are attempting to provide as much satisfaction to the customers as possible. The other reasons include customer loyalty and the need for more market share. (Balancedscorecard. org. ) INTERNAL PROCESS PERSPECTIVE REVISITED: This area focuses on identification of the things that would need to be done in order to continue to add value to the customers and ultimately to the shareholders (Nevin 2003). The internal process aims to serve the customer and increase the total value of the organization, as well as keep record of the companies progress. The team’s objective is primarily to develop better products, to find better ways of manufacturing better products. To find better ways of delivering their products, and to find better ways of delivering better services after the products had been delivered. LEARNING AND GROWTH PERSPECTIVE REVISITED: This may actually be the most important aspect of the entire process. Organizations would get as far as their employees could take them. A team that lacks knowledge may not be able to provide the necessary services required by the customers. Therefore genuine effort must be made to keep employees abreast of necessary information. And that is what the learning and growth perspective tries to define. It emphasizes that information be made available to the employees. It requires the employees skills be as sharp as necessary. It does not want employees to be ignored. Again the key here is that any organization would only go as far as the employees could take it. With adequate care and education, employees can only do better for the company. It is important to point out that the BSC system does not ignore the financial perspective. But the key is that when a company has satisfied the other objectives, that company stand a pretty good chance of doing well financially. BALANCE SCORECARD AS A STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Obviously putting a business and management strategy is important, but no strategy will function if it does not actually get implemented. So the first step in resolving the  issue of non-implementation, is to identify what the potential problems towards implementation may be, and then address those issues. According to fortune magazine (1999) about 70% of strategies are poorly executed, so how can it be executed better. Both the team and the management must pay attention to the four barriers: the vision barrier, the people barrier, the resource barrier, and the management barrier. (1) VISION BARRIER: To overcome the vision barrier, employees must not be kept in the dark. The BSC wants management to be very clear as to what the vision is. When possible place a figure on the  vision . For instance if the goal is to manufacture products without defects 90 % of the time, then it may be made clearer by stating exactly that. That figure of 90% translates the vision to a level that could not be misunderstood. Give the employees the appropriate knowledge base and strategic structure, that makes the entire strategic objective easier to follow. Management should facilitate a total understanding of the strategy and the whole structure in order to enable all the team members to fully understand the strategy and therefore work towards achieving it as a unit. (Kaplan Norton).

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The Future of Management Essay -- essays research papers

Abstract Management development strategies of many organizations seemed to converge in the nineties. We thought the world would stay on a standstill when the millennium loomed. The new word on the street was â€Å"Y2K.† So what are the concerns for the current state of management development, and what we expect for the future to hold? This paper will tackle such issue. The Future of Management Companies are geared into increase in efficiency and productivity, better choice of goods, more competitive prices, faster execution and better resource allocation. What was true then, will still hold true in the future, except it just may double up. Obviously, ideas like these contributed to the call for far better business management. Method Changes in Technology This has the most impact on any businesses out there and even the ones who has not yet embraced the Internet phenomena due to accelerating the speed of change, increasing competition, and the shifting structure of relationships. According to Dessler (2003), â€Å"the managerial uses of the Internet can in a sense, get a free ride on the Internet, they can substantially reduce their communications costs by building their management systems around the Internet.† Companies who see the Internet for all its glory will not hesitate to spend to be in gear with the latest trend because in the long run, it will save them money. Take into consideration the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). This particular technology is helping organizations of all sizes enhance customer service, improve employee productivity, increase revenue, lower costs and develop new customers and markets. Organizational Development Management and the Four Functions of Management. Management will have to keep the competitive edge through employee performance and retention. Management will gear more towards an open-minded sense of management. Management in the future does not mean a complete overhaul of what we are accustomed to now. As Antony Jay said, â€Å"management is not a new basic institution at all. On the contrary, it is a very ancient art. The new science of management is in fact only a continuation of the old art of government." In this line of thinking, I doubt that management styles and the four functions of management will completely change. It will simply evolve into somethin... ...ust. For companies to keep employees, the need to embrace effective leadership and good management style. The organizational culture needs to be value driven, empowering employees to have the entrepreneurial spirit. Line managers, top managers and executives need to be able to manage change in a continuous learning environment while creating and maintaining the appropriate working culture. References ZDNet. (2002). Linksys readies fast Wi-Fi alternative. Retrieved February 18, 2003 from the World Wide Web: 424191.html. Kirby, D. (2003). Optimizing Call Center Agent Schedules Through Automation. CRM Marketplace. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web:{db2c0da5- ee20-4b6d-83e6-9c5806c7cad7}&VNETCOOKIE=NO Unknown. (2003). ACD Software and Phone Systems. Database Systems Corp website. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web: Lutz, E. (date unknown). The Principles of Management. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web:

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My area landscape analysis examining every activities done it

The area I chosen for this study is called Muyenga in Kampala city Uganda. It is located on a hill with gentle slopes every side of it, and surrounded by swamp areas(water logged areas).The whole area stretch is about   4 square kilometers and 5 kilometers from the city center. It is accessed through tama ked roads with good water channels. When stood on the top of this area you can have a clear view of the whole underneath surrounding areas with a clear city view. Part of this area is rocky with a shrub type of vegetation coverage. The other sections of this area are sandy with savannah kind of vegetation and tall tresses. On the other side of this hill there is another swamp with a wide coverage of papyrus vegetation stretch up to the clear water lake (Lake. Victoria) WHAT IS GOING ON This area is sub-divided into several developments and several activities are taking place. On the top of this hill there is located one of the biggest city water supply tank. There is a section of this area which is developed in a residential housing estate. Houses in this section of this area maintain good gardens with trees in compounds. The section which has rocks have been developed into quarries (stone mining and cutting) and some building sand mining. The other side of this area which has the papyrus vegetation coverage has been partly conserved for green belt by the national environmental management authority (NEMA). This meant that there are no activities/developments allowed in this section before the approval of this institution. Other down hill areas has been gazette in to industrial areas and there are also some unplanned housings (slums) in this industrial area. WHAT FITS TOGETHER The development of this area into a residential housing estate is ok since a tree planting is maintained and a green grass in compounds. The section of this area which has the rocks to be developed in a quarry was also fine. The conservation of the green belt (wet land) was fantastic. The maintain ace of tama ked roads with good water channels also fits because this act prevents soil erosion. WHAT DOES’T FIT The development of some parts of the swamp into the industrial area did not fit, because swamps act as natural water filter and purifiers. You know water from factories and industries and other activities in the city is highly polluted. So there is a need for swafor water purification before it gets into the lake. When polluted water goes straight in the lake it causes a high risky of living water spices endangerment .This can also cause high rates of pipeline water purification. Secondly it is not healthy to establish factories and industries near to residential areas. There is a standard distance to be maintained. The encroachment of peasants on the gazette greenbelt also didn’t fit. The drainage of swamps for other activities like unplanned housing (slums) also doesn’t fit SPECULATE WHAT HAPPENED Geographically it is said that this area falls into the category of a plateau. It is speculated to be having formed by either weathering or up and down warping. A plateau some times called tableland is a large stretch of land with approximately similar heights above sea level. (Tamale.E. Geography in the new era 1997) It stands out higher than surrounding areas or in form of a wave kind of formation with its sides slope down to the lower lands. A plateau compared to an elevated plain, bears a very big difference between the two. With a plateau, valleys are narrow, deep sometimes with steep sides yet for a pain there are broad with big stretches. The rivers in a plateau are swift and carve deep compared to those in plain. Plateaus are always high (height above sea level) compared to plains. (Morgan. Advanced geography for secondary schools.2001) It is thought that plateaus were formed as a result of wearing down of higher mountainous areas or by the process of denudation. And if this continues to be effective, the whole plateau might be reduced to near a plain’s height. (Tendo.L.Modern geography 2002) WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING The fact that this area is considered to be a plateau. This area is greatly exploited by man’s activities which are a threat to its sharp and future existence. The terracing of the area for leveling building sites, cutting down of trees and drainage of swamps and wetlands is going on this area. Industrial wastes and polluted water goes direct in the clear water lake. Brokerage of water channels   Ã‚  and encroachment in wet lands for peasant farming and unplanned housing. WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN If all these activities mentioned above are not controlled there is a possible flooding which might take place. The act of stone cutting and mining causes a great threat to this area (plateau) weathering down in to plain in future. The act of gazette swamp to industrial areas causes a big threat to the lake water pollution and thus high costs of pipe line water purification. Also industries to be located near residential areas are a very big threat to the health of the people. Encroachment on the wetlands and clearing of the papyrus vegetation is a possible threat of reduction of water levels in the lake. EVALUTION My opinion about this is, first I would appeal to the concerned to maintain not only for this area but a national tree planting campaign. This can ensure conservation of soil and reduction of erosion. I would discourage industrialization of swamps and wetlands to maintain a steady and healthy stretch of the green belt. This can help ensure a good natural purification of polluted water before it gets in the fresh water lake. This thus can also reduce on the cost of pipe line water treatment and purification. I would support the national environment management authority in its struggle to conserve the environment. Every strategy put in control we can preserve and conserve our environment Reference list Tamale.E (1997). Geography in the new era(pp.72-75) Moorgan.D. (2001) Advanced geography for secondary schools(pp.45-47) Tendo.F. (1998).Morden geography.JB publishers 1st edition(pp.57-60)   

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Personal Essay on When I Function the Best

Personal Essay on When I Function the Best When Do You Function the Best? There are people who function best in the evening or even at night, but I just don’t understand them. Being an early riser, around 9 o’clock in the evening I can’t think about anything except for reading a book in my bed for about half an hour and falling asleep. For me the most productive time is after about an hour or two after I wake up, and this productive state can last for different periods of time, depending on my work load and general mood. And I think that this order of events in my day is only natural, as after a good night sleep people’s brain is ready for new adventures and challenges. Besides, I enjoy getting up early in the morning, eating my breakfast and leaving home when the streets are not so crowded yet, but are appealing due to their subtle magic and special atmosphere. I love my city so much and just don’t understand those people who consider it to be overcrowded and, thus, depressing. To my mind, they simply don’t understand its essence and spirit. If they would at least once try to get up early and watch this beauty, they would forget about all their complaints and maybe even start to look at things in a different, more positive way. I almost always have very productive and saturated days, as I am an active and energetic person with many interests and ideas. And in the evening I know that the best activity for me is falling asleep as soon as my face touches the pillow. Thus, I just don’t understand people who feel depressed and out of mood during the day, but in the evening start some important activities. Of course, there are so many people, and there cannot be two identical people and preferences, but I feel a little bit sorry for night people. They still have to work at the day time, which doesn’t make them content at all. I am happy that I am not one of them.