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The Future of Management Essay -- essays research papers

Abstract Management development strategies of many organizations seemed to converge in the nineties. We thought the world would stay on a standstill when the millennium loomed. The new word on the street was â€Å"Y2K.† So what are the concerns for the current state of management development, and what we expect for the future to hold? This paper will tackle such issue. The Future of Management Companies are geared into increase in efficiency and productivity, better choice of goods, more competitive prices, faster execution and better resource allocation. What was true then, will still hold true in the future, except it just may double up. Obviously, ideas like these contributed to the call for far better business management. Method Changes in Technology This has the most impact on any businesses out there and even the ones who has not yet embraced the Internet phenomena due to accelerating the speed of change, increasing competition, and the shifting structure of relationships. According to Dessler (2003), â€Å"the managerial uses of the Internet can in a sense, get a free ride on the Internet, they can substantially reduce their communications costs by building their management systems around the Internet.† Companies who see the Internet for all its glory will not hesitate to spend to be in gear with the latest trend because in the long run, it will save them money. Take into consideration the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). This particular technology is helping organizations of all sizes enhance customer service, improve employee productivity, increase revenue, lower costs and develop new customers and markets. Organizational Development Management and the Four Functions of Management. Management will have to keep the competitive edge through employee performance and retention. Management will gear more towards an open-minded sense of management. Management in the future does not mean a complete overhaul of what we are accustomed to now. As Antony Jay said, â€Å"management is not a new basic institution at all. On the contrary, it is a very ancient art. The new science of management is in fact only a continuation of the old art of government." In this line of thinking, I doubt that management styles and the four functions of management will completely change. It will simply evolve into somethin... ...ust. For companies to keep employees, the need to embrace effective leadership and good management style. The organizational culture needs to be value driven, empowering employees to have the entrepreneurial spirit. Line managers, top managers and executives need to be able to manage change in a continuous learning environment while creating and maintaining the appropriate working culture. References ZDNet. (2002). Linksys readies fast Wi-Fi alternative. Retrieved February 18, 2003 from the World Wide Web: http://www.80211-news.com/publications/page275- 424191.html. Kirby, D. (2003). Optimizing Call Center Agent Schedules Through Automation. CRM Marketplace. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web: http://www.crmmarketplace.com/content/news/article.asp?docid={db2c0da5- ee20-4b6d-83e6-9c5806c7cad7}&VNETCOOKIE=NO Unknown. (2003). ACD Software and Phone Systems. Database Systems Corp website. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web: http://www.databasesystemscorp.com Lutz, E. (date unknown). The Principles of Management. Retrieved March 4, 2003 from the World Wide Web: http://www.arts.ilstu.edu/theatre/class/guither/am1a.html

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My area landscape analysis examining every activities done it

The area I chosen for this study is called Muyenga in Kampala city Uganda. It is located on a hill with gentle slopes every side of it, and surrounded by swamp areas(water logged areas).The whole area stretch is about   4 square kilometers and 5 kilometers from the city center. It is accessed through tama ked roads with good water channels. When stood on the top of this area you can have a clear view of the whole underneath surrounding areas with a clear city view. Part of this area is rocky with a shrub type of vegetation coverage. The other sections of this area are sandy with savannah kind of vegetation and tall tresses. On the other side of this hill there is another swamp with a wide coverage of papyrus vegetation stretch up to the clear water lake (Lake. Victoria) WHAT IS GOING ON This area is sub-divided into several developments and several activities are taking place. On the top of this hill there is located one of the biggest city water supply tank. There is a section of this area which is developed in a residential housing estate. Houses in this section of this area maintain good gardens with trees in compounds. The section which has rocks have been developed into quarries (stone mining and cutting) and some building sand mining. The other side of this area which has the papyrus vegetation coverage has been partly conserved for green belt by the national environmental management authority (NEMA). This meant that there are no activities/developments allowed in this section before the approval of this institution. Other down hill areas has been gazette in to industrial areas and there are also some unplanned housings (slums) in this industrial area. WHAT FITS TOGETHER The development of this area into a residential housing estate is ok since a tree planting is maintained and a green grass in compounds. The section of this area which has the rocks to be developed in a quarry was also fine. The conservation of the green belt (wet land) was fantastic. The maintain ace of tama ked roads with good water channels also fits because this act prevents soil erosion. WHAT DOES’T FIT The development of some parts of the swamp into the industrial area did not fit, because swamps act as natural water filter and purifiers. You know water from factories and industries and other activities in the city is highly polluted. So there is a need for swafor water purification before it gets into the lake. When polluted water goes straight in the lake it causes a high risky of living water spices endangerment .This can also cause high rates of pipeline water purification. Secondly it is not healthy to establish factories and industries near to residential areas. There is a standard distance to be maintained. The encroachment of peasants on the gazette greenbelt also didn’t fit. The drainage of swamps for other activities like unplanned housing (slums) also doesn’t fit SPECULATE WHAT HAPPENED Geographically it is said that this area falls into the category of a plateau. It is speculated to be having formed by either weathering or up and down warping. A plateau some times called tableland is a large stretch of land with approximately similar heights above sea level. (Tamale.E. Geography in the new era 1997) It stands out higher than surrounding areas or in form of a wave kind of formation with its sides slope down to the lower lands. A plateau compared to an elevated plain, bears a very big difference between the two. With a plateau, valleys are narrow, deep sometimes with steep sides yet for a pain there are broad with big stretches. The rivers in a plateau are swift and carve deep compared to those in plain. Plateaus are always high (height above sea level) compared to plains. (Morgan. Advanced geography for secondary schools.2001) It is thought that plateaus were formed as a result of wearing down of higher mountainous areas or by the process of denudation. And if this continues to be effective, the whole plateau might be reduced to near a plain’s height. (Tendo.L.Modern geography 2002) WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING The fact that this area is considered to be a plateau. This area is greatly exploited by man’s activities which are a threat to its sharp and future existence. The terracing of the area for leveling building sites, cutting down of trees and drainage of swamps and wetlands is going on this area. Industrial wastes and polluted water goes direct in the clear water lake. Brokerage of water channels   Ã‚  and encroachment in wet lands for peasant farming and unplanned housing. WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN If all these activities mentioned above are not controlled there is a possible flooding which might take place. The act of stone cutting and mining causes a great threat to this area (plateau) weathering down in to plain in future. The act of gazette swamp to industrial areas causes a big threat to the lake water pollution and thus high costs of pipe line water purification. Also industries to be located near residential areas are a very big threat to the health of the people. Encroachment on the wetlands and clearing of the papyrus vegetation is a possible threat of reduction of water levels in the lake. EVALUTION My opinion about this is, first I would appeal to the concerned to maintain not only for this area but a national tree planting campaign. This can ensure conservation of soil and reduction of erosion. I would discourage industrialization of swamps and wetlands to maintain a steady and healthy stretch of the green belt. This can help ensure a good natural purification of polluted water before it gets in the fresh water lake. This thus can also reduce on the cost of pipe line water treatment and purification. I would support the national environment management authority in its struggle to conserve the environment. Every strategy put in control we can preserve and conserve our environment Reference list Tamale.E (1997). Geography in the new era(pp.72-75) Moorgan.D. (2001) Advanced geography for secondary schools(pp.45-47) Tendo.F. (1998).Morden geography.JB publishers 1st edition(pp.57-60)   

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Personal Essay on When I Function the Best

Personal Essay on When I Function the Best When Do You Function the Best? There are people who function best in the evening or even at night, but I just don’t understand them. Being an early riser, around 9 o’clock in the evening I can’t think about anything except for reading a book in my bed for about half an hour and falling asleep. For me the most productive time is after about an hour or two after I wake up, and this productive state can last for different periods of time, depending on my work load and general mood. And I think that this order of events in my day is only natural, as after a good night sleep people’s brain is ready for new adventures and challenges. Besides, I enjoy getting up early in the morning, eating my breakfast and leaving home when the streets are not so crowded yet, but are appealing due to their subtle magic and special atmosphere. I love my city so much and just don’t understand those people who consider it to be overcrowded and, thus, depressing. To my mind, they simply don’t understand its essence and spirit. If they would at least once try to get up early and watch this beauty, they would forget about all their complaints and maybe even start to look at things in a different, more positive way. I almost always have very productive and saturated days, as I am an active and energetic person with many interests and ideas. And in the evening I know that the best activity for me is falling asleep as soon as my face touches the pillow. Thus, I just don’t understand people who feel depressed and out of mood during the day, but in the evening start some important activities. Of course, there are so many people, and there cannot be two identical people and preferences, but I feel a little bit sorry for night people. They still have to work at the day time, which doesn’t make them content at all. I am happy that I am not one of them.

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The Plague Of The Black Death - 1755 Words

The Black Death killed more than one-third of the population in Europe, which was perhaps the most deadly human cataclysm in history. The plague is believed to have entered Europe through many ways. One cannot be certain where the plague originated. The plague came in on ships and through trading routes. By the 14th century, trade was active between Europe and points east, so there were too many possible ports of entry for the plague to be stopped. The Black Death is also known as the black plague that is spread by a type of bacillus called yersina pestis. The transmission of this disease was transmitted in two ways; one with direct contact with a flea, while the pneumonic plague was transmitted through airborne droplets of saliva. This bacillus can be spread person to person, airborne, and by infected fleas and rats. This is how the deadly plague reached from port to port throughout Europe. The plague ended the Middle Ages by ending feudalism. The reason this affected feudalism was more than fifty percent of the population was killed. (The Black Death. Ole J. Benedictow, Pg.383). After the plague passed there wasn’t many doctors that survived and not enough surfs to labor the land. It can be said that the disease alone was responsible for the changes in the feudal system. My goal in this paper is to show how The Black Death impacted all of Europe’s population, society, and the fall of feudal system. There are many theories on where the Black Death began but no oneShow MoreRelatedDeath by the Black Plague1017 Words   |  4 Pages The plague was the most devastating pandemic in human history, killing around 80-200 million people mostly throughout Europe, leaving most people back then wondering how they and others got sick and died. â€Å"Evidence available from rural continental Europe suggests a slow spread of human mortality across trade and travel routes, patterns consistent† (Carmichael 3), until after multiple inventions such as printing, word spread of this murderer, preventing more deaths and to treat those affected. ThisRead MoreBlack Death : The Black Plague1048 Words   |  5 Pagesbody: without employment, is a disease- the rest of the soul is a Plague, a hell itself† (Smiles, Samuel). The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, came to existence in the Fourteenth Century. It was transferred from Asia in the late 1340s and caused a mass eruption in Europe. It was a very dark time period of history, which changed the way people viewed religion, fellow citizens, and life. In the 1300s, the century of the Plague, there were many poor conditions. One example was the home itselfRead MoreThe Black Death Plague795 Words   |  3 PagesThe Black Death is one of the worst disease in ancient history. It was an epidemic that killed millions of people between 1349-1351.Many people suffered from lack of care and lack of remedy, also it became difficult to find a medical person to diagnose such a horrible disease. Boccaccio, Tura and Venette describe the physical and social effect of Europe when the Plague had begun. In this selection, they describe how people respond and changed their behaviors .People were so scared from Plague thereforeRead MoreThe Plague Of The Black Death1798 Words   |  8 Pagesoutbreaks of the Black Death pandemic in the world. In the history the Black Plague is also called as the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. This research paper will mainly cover the European outbreak of the 14th century as it is considered to be the era of the worst time of the Black Death period. Many historians would agree that the events of 1300s led to dramatic changes affecting every European country in all the aspects. Creating economic, social, religious, and medical issues, the Black Death caused renovationRead MoreThe Plague Of The Black Death1484 Words   |  6 Pagestriggered not by humans, but by plagues. Plagues, defined as an epidemic with an amazingly high mortality rate according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, have been recorded throughout history, from the Plague of Justinian in Rome, to the Modern Plague of China (CDC). To the common man, all s/he sees is, the plague arrives, kills tens of millions of people, and then disappears into the night. In reality, the plague does not disappear quietly. The outbreak of a plague leaves a lasting legacyRead MoreBlack Death : The Black Plague768 Words   |  4 PagesThe Black Plague is known as the most fatal disease in the worlds history! The disease killed nearly one-third of Europe’s population in the fourteenth century. The Black Plague is also known as the Black Death and was transmitted to humans by rodents such as rats and spread due to extremely unsanitary living conditions. European cities such as Paris and London were most devastatingly affected by the Black Plague The Black Plague is transmitted from fleas to rodents such as rats or mice to humansRead MoreThe Black Death Of The Plague1638 Words   |  7 Pageshave crawled across the globe was called the Black Death. The first known case of The Plague was reported in China in 224 B.C. although this is not the period in time when it would become its most dangerous. It is believed that because China was such an important trade center at the time, diseased animals and their infected fleas were unknowingly transported along with goods via The Silk Road to Western Europe and Asia. Centuries later, the Black Plague would rear its head and swallow nearly halfRead MoreThe Plague Of The Black Death1797 Words   |  8 Pagesthe Black Death, the plague is one of the most disastrous events in Europe’s natural history. England underwent serious modifications concerning it politically, socially, and economically as a result of the contagion. The Black Death, a plague that devastated Medieval Engla nd from 1347 to 1351, tremendously modified the Middle Ages; the pandemic contains a complex history that drastically altered England’s economy and people’s religious views. To start off, the first wave of the Black Death beganRead MoreBlack Death And The Black Plague1234 Words   |  5 PagesThe Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, was one of the most deadliest diseases of all time. This disease came to Europe around 1347 C.E, by merchants from East Asia. The Black Plague then spread all across Europe, and killed over 25,000,000 people. The Black Death had its effect on many things. The peasant and noble differentiation was realized to be bogus, the belief in religious authorities came under question, and poor people actually benefited from the Black Death. After the epidemicRead MoreThe Plague Of The Black Death1035 Words   |  5 Pagesbegin with the most iconic epidemic, The Black Death. It will then discuss some of similar epidemics that have followed after and different treatments. This paper will show the progression of medicine and health around the world and the advancements in technology that have increased the lives of many individu als. The Black Death: The Black Death also known as the bubonic plague is considered a turning point in the development of medicine and science. This plague first occurred in China during the early

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Health Care and New Reform Act - 854 Words

Ever since Obamacare was introduced back in March 23, of 2010, it has been one of the most controversial health plans debated by all government parties. The rich hate it and the poor love it. Is Obama care good or bad for the people and the economy? I believe it will be a stepping stone in the right direction for the economy and the people and protecting their rights. Elections are just a month and a half away and Obamacare is still a highly heated debate. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or what everyone has dubbed as Obamacare is a law that passed on June 28, 2012 to help reform healthcare. The law was introduced to provide affordable medical healthcare for everyone. The reform act doesn’t take away the State’s†¦show more content†¦Basically the new reform act is aimed at the wealthy and helping the middle class, and to help stimulate the economy and lower the national debt. The new law was set forth to protect your rights, but take awa y your right to not having medical coverage. The new reform act was set forth to have affordable medical coverage for everyone. The rich don’t like the new tax hikes, but .09% is a minuscule penalty for everyone to have insurance. They will probably save that much from premiums dropping in the next few years. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies will take the worst blow, but they should have seen it coming from the anguish directed towards them from raising premiums to make a hefty profit. The poor will have quality healthcare at an affordable price and receive rebates to help pay for it if unable to. References: United States. Congress, Sept 25, 2012, Read the Law, The Health Care Law amp; You. Retrieved on Sept 24, 2012 from http://www.healthcare.gov/law/full/index.html and http://housedocs.house.gov/energycommerce/ppacacon.pdf for the fullShow MoreRelatedAffordable Care Act : The New Health Reform Law957 Words   |  4 PagesThe Affordable Care Act is the new health reform law that was signed into action on March 23, 2010. The Affordable Care Act attempts to reform the healthcare system by providing Americans with affordable health insurance. It helps put individuals, businesses, and families in control of their own healthcare. By the sound of it, it really looks like this is something that will positively impact the lives of Americans, and make it easier for individuals to obtain health insurance. Unfortunately, whatRead MoreRole of Nurses in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act666 Words   |  3 Pagessigned the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and forme r ANA President Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR witnessed this historical moment. American nurses celebrate with satisfaction, because their hard work paid off, enacting historical health care reform legislation that benefits not only nurses but their patient as well. Despite that the health care reform is now a reality, is important to keep working in order to make sure that the reform is implemented effectively (Routson, 2010)Read MoreHealthcare Crisis And Affordable Care Act1317 Words   |  6 PagesHealthcare Crisis Affordable Care Act During the 2008 presidential election, the issue of health care reform became a pressing issue, mainly among the Democrats. Supporters quoted that nearly 46 million Americans were uninsured while 25 million did not have sufficient health coverage. The costly monthly insurance premiums led countless individuals to fully rely on government entitled programs for their health care needs. Upon his election, President Obama made health care reform the focus of his agendaRead MoreThe New Affordable Care Act1654 Words   |  7 Pagesperfect. However, although this new health care may have some flaws in the beginning, some may say that there are a little more just minute flaws. Some may express that the new Affordable Care Act may be a reform that will hurt us rather than help us. â€Å"If there is any area of social policy in which Americans are likely to be aware that their system has flaws, it is in health care.† As if America it is not already the country that has the most exp ensive health care system , â€Å"Americans pay an averageRead MoreHealth Care Reform And The Affordable Care Act1739 Words   |  7 PagesPatient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in the U.S. that put the topic of health care reform and health care costs in the national spotlight again. Once employers starting abandoning in managing the care. The purpose of this paper is discuss the Health Care Reforms of the key issues, challenges, opportunities and is the health care reform good thing or not. The enactment of the health care reform comes from the path of dependence. The Health Care Reform, was passed by President Obama, thisRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act Of The United States1520 Words   |  7 PagesHealth care reform is referring to the changes in health care policies. This reform is driven by the high cost of health care and the right to health care. Health care is focusing on exploring and applying the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act addresses de livery issues within the current health care system and is working to improve them. Research is important in the Affordable Care Act in order to help individuals make informed health care decisions. Health care reform can affect the nursingRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) For All Americans971 Words   |  4 Pages23rd of March 2010 having health insurance was optional for all Americans. On March 23rd of 2010 Obama’s health care reforms timeline began. The health care reform is also called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for short. The affordable care act should â€Å"provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Healthcare). Obama’s new health care plan is forcing all Americans to get health insurance and those who don’t get health insurance will be penalizedRead MoreChanging The Geography Of Health Care1144 Words   |  5 Pages Changing the Geography of Health Care President Obama on March 23, 2010 signed one of the biggest reforming acts of our century, the Affordable Care Act or to some refer to it as â€Å"Obama Care†. This was President Obama’s finest moments for some and for others it was believed that it wasn’t great idea to create such a law act. The Affordable Care Act law was created and established to change everything about health care and bring in magnificent reforms. This law was given to citizens toRead MoreHealth Care Reform809 Words   |  4 PagesHealth Care Reform A newest way to finance health care now days is the health care reform which it is also called Obama Care. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010. The main objective behind the Affordable Care Act was to ensure that affordable health care insurance was available to every U.S citizen. This law is an extensive document that contains many regulations and laws that relate not only to health care but also to the regulation of insurance companies. One of the bestRead MoreUs Healthcare Reform1639 Words   |  7 PagesUS Healthcare Reform and the Impact on Primary Care Physicians Laura Garcia ENG 122 English Composition II Dr. Paula Porter June 28, 2010 The new healthcare reform act recently passed will be fully implemented by 2014. Every person living legally in the United States will be guaranteed, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (PPACA), healthcare insurance. Across the United States, primary care doctors are already preparing for the full impact this will have on their practices

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Second Earl Of Rochester Essay Example For Students

Second Earl Of Rochester Essay The satirists shared a talent for making other individuals feel uncomfortable, particularly by making them aware of their own moral inadequacies. They used irony, derision, and wit to attack human vice or folly. One method the satirist utilized to catch their readers attention, while also making them feel uncomfortable, was to describe those things that were deemed inappropriate to discuss openly in society. The classical example of a topic that was discussed behind closed doors, yet the satirist used freely, was sex. Mention of such things as sex can always bring a giggle, excite feelings of hidden passion, or make ones cheeks rosy from embarrassment. John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, and Jonathan Swift, were two satirist that were noted for using perverse language and graphic depictions to elicit desired emotions from their readers and to wage their attacks on human folly. To understand Rochesters use of sex in his work, one must understand his distaste for reason. This can be seen in his poem, A Satyr Against Mankind, when he comments: Women and Men of wit, are dangrous tools, and ever fatal to admiring fools. Rochester viewed reason as a vice rather than an admirable trait in man. When man followed a course of action that was advised by reason he turned into a coward who often betrayed his ideals, his family, and his friends. Rochester believed that to enjoy true happiness one must follow a course dictated by passion. Unlike reason, the passions do not betray ones senses and ideals. According to Rochester, the passions define who an individual is because the passions encompass ones emotions and desires. Reason cannot fully comprehend such a thing. Rochester highlights this belief in his poems with tales of lust and sexual innuendoes. He uses perverse language and topics not only to mock those that believe reason is the human faculty that can bring about self-satisfaction, but also to describe to his readers that sensual pleasure is the highest pleasure because sensual pleasure is derived from passion, not reason. Rochesters poems rarely discuss love in the traditional sense; rather, he discusses it in a bodily context. Naturally, this would bring about the ire in any moralist. His poems make reference to ancient figures that draw on images of mass orgies and debauchery. He often uses language that elicits images of human genitalia. In his works, he even discusses how an individuals sexual drive cannot be satisfied or how an individual cannot perform sexually. In Rochesters Upon His Drinking a Bowl, Rochester joins the aspect of alcohol with that of sex: Cupid, and Bacchus, my Saints are,May drink, and Love, still reign,With Wine, I wash away my cares,And then to Cunt again. This attitude of sex and drunkenness is often associated with the ancient Greeks and Romans, who Rochester makes reference to through Cupid and Bacchus. The wine serves as a tool to rid oneself of their grasp on reason. It often drives away the feeling of anxiety that often exist between a man and women during times of intimacy. It allows one to satisfy their bodily pleasure. The graphic word Cunt not only serves as a symbol of sex and the female genitalia but is also used to bring about the disgust of any moralist or any rational individual. A reasonable man would like to think that men do not view sex and women in such a derogatory manner. According to Rochester, this is not so. Men are crude creatures that do think of sex and women in such a manner. Rochesters The Imperfect Enjoyment is an amusing tale of mans greatest fear premature ejaculation:Smiling, she chides in a kind murmring Noise,And from her Body wipes the clammy joys;When a Thousand Kisses, wanderring oreMy panting Bo some, is there then no more?Applyd to my dead Cinder, warms no more,Than Fire to Ashes, coud past Flames restore. Trembling, confusd, despairing, limber, dry,A wishing, weak, unmoving lumpThe man is this poem is so excited by the exotic allure of his female companion that he climaxes before the sexual moment ever begins. He then gets frustrated that he can not get a repeated erection that instantaneous moment. This poem amuses most readers because most men and women understand the man and most likely the womans frustration. This poem also serves to symbolize the power of imagination and passion. Imagination and passion can carry a person to the point of sensual ecstasy and agony. It can also serve to destroy a mans pride. A reasonable man would like to think he could suppress his exotic thoughts so that he can perform well sexually. This is not so. Man is not a reasonable creature; he is a passionate one. Rochesters Signior Dildo tells the tale of a woman who plays on the foolishness of her male admirers for the simple use of their bodies:Our dainty fine Dutchesses have got a TrickTo Doat on a Fool, for the Sake of his PrickThe use of the word Dildo in the title is clever and appropriate because a dildo is a simulation of the male penis that women use for masturbation. The woman in this poem is using the male simply for his penis. Rochester also uses other words in this poem that conjure up images of the male penis such as: prick, thumb, carrot, and candle. This poem also draws on the imperfections of women. Women cannot self-subsist. They need the aid of men to satisfy their sensual pleasures. Like men, they do not proceed with sexual intercourse out of respect and an adoring love for their partner. They proceed with sexual intercourse because their partner can satisfy them sensually. My Summary of Road Warrior EssaySwift continued his ridicule of scientist with another tale involving Gullivers excrement. Using modern math, Gulliver calculated the quantity of water he would need to consume to extinguish a fire. With a sense of pride and satisfaction, he managed to extinguish the fire in three minutes. Swift is turning the scientific world and its exploits into a comedy that should be performed on stage. Urinating contests are for junior high boys expressing their testosterone levels during bathroom breaks, not for mature intellectuals. In a vulgar and witty way, Swift is again calling into question the relevance of scientific study. This incident can also be viewed on a symbolic level of what Swift believes the modern world is doing to society, particularly feeling and emotion. The waste of the modern mind, which Swift would label as science and math, is extinguishes the fires of passion, emotion, and imagination. These were the fires that raged in the ancient world and Swift believes they should have raged during his time. Gulliver and the scientist, however, were of a different mindset and continually see their excrement as progress not destruction. Swift also uses perverse images in Gullivers Travels to express the lack of lust, feeling, and emotion in the modern world. The handsomest among these Maids of Honor, a pleasant frolicsome girl of sixteen, would sometimes set me astride upon one of her nipples, with manyother tricks wherein the reader will excuse me for not being over particular. but I was so much displeased that I entreated Glumdalclitch to contrive someexcuse for not seeing that young lady any more.Through Gulliver, Swift is mocking the modern worlds lack of lust for pleasure and the exotic. He is not necessarily condoning widespread eroticism, but he is noting the lack of passion and emotion in the world. Most men fanaticize about a beautiful naked woman caressing them. Gulliver does not because these ladies are not like the proper girls in England. Gulliver finds such erotic and passionate acts as repulsive. The graphic and perverse images that Swift leaves for his readers in Gullivers Travels not only excite the attention of the reader but they also leave the reader with a very pessimistic impression of the modern world. If Gulliver had left a description of a pile of soil instead of his urination procedure, the reader would perhaps view his work as boring, but not as comedic or repulsive. The tales would have lost their derogatory tone, their satirical edge, and their comedic nature had Swift not used such images. Such images and language are a unique element of satirical writing. Satirist wanted to attack the vices of the community and impress an image on their readers. They, however, could not accomplish this through bland social commentary. Every literary style has certain tools to capture its audiences. The romantics used fruitful language and supernatural images. The realist used images and words that photographed how life really was. The satirist used wit, irony, sarcasm, as well as crude images and language. If they failed to use these tools then their attacks were not heeded and their words were not remembered. Rochester and Swift did not fail to use their satirical qualities and their impression on the literary world remains to this day.

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Aerodynamics Of Planes Essay Example For Students

Aerodynamics Of Planes Essay Ever since I was little I was amazed at the ability for a machine to fly. I have always wanted to explore ideas of flight and be able to actually fly. I think I may have found my childhood fantasy in the world of aeronautical engineering. The object of my paper is to give me more insight on my future career as an aeronautical engineer. This paper was also to give me ideas of the physics of flight and be to apply those physics of flight to compete in a high school competition. History of FlightThe history of flying dates back as early as the fifteenth century. A Renaissance man named Leonardo da Vinci introduced a flying machine known as the ornithopter. Da Vinci proposed the idea of a machine that had bird like flying capabilities. Today no ornithopters exist due to the restrictions of humans, and that the ornithopters just aren’t practical. During the eighteenth century a philosopher named Sir George Cayley had practical ideas of modern aircraft. Cayley never really designed any workable aircraft, but had many incredible ideas such as lift, thrust, and rigid wings to provide for lift. In the late nineteenth century the progress of aircraft picks up. Several designers such as Henson and Langley, both paved the way for the early 1900’s aircraft design. Two of the most important people in history of flight were the Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers were given the nickname the â€Å"fathers of the heavier than air flying machine† for their numerous flights at their estate in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur Wright created a motor-powered biplane in which they established incredible feats of the time. The Wright Brothers perfected their design of the heavier than air flying machine, and eventually sold their idea to the U.S. military. The airplane does not become important until the end of World War I. Towards the end of the War the airplane becomes a practical device of war being able to carry weapons. Anthony Fokker and Louis Bleriot create the most successful of early modern biplanes known as the D-VII and D-VIII. Biplanes are eventually taken over by the monoplane, or one wing. This new design allowed for faster flight and better visibility for the pilot. Air-cooled engines lead the way for commercial aircraft, and Boeing introduces the first modern airliner the 247. Airplanes are effected the greatest by supply and demand of war. New styles of war begun to emerge so did new and improved types of aircraft. The population of the U.S. also begun to grow which leads to the modern most sophisticated commercial airliner the 777. Most aircraft improvements are found in the military and intelligence field. The most high tech aircraft known today for such things as spying are the SR-71 Blackbird, and the U-2 Spy plane. The most complicated and best aircraft performance is still held by the space shuttle and probably always will be. The last 200 years have seen incredible changes in aircraft from the man with wings to heavier than air flying machines that can travel at supersonic speeds. Lift Every single part of an aircraft is incredibly important, without a piece of the airplane it just wouldn’t fly. If there had to be a most important part of the aircraft, it would mostly likely have to be the wing. The wing allows a heavier than air (unlike hot air balloons) machine to fly. The principle that allows a heavier than air machine to fly is the principle of Bernoulli. Daniel Bernoulli came up with idea using water tests that low pressure over high pressure would cause something to rise, or lift. Bernoulli had no idea of the effect it would have on a flying machine. Bernoulli died in 1782 and the first airplane wasn’t even designed until the late 1800’s. Bernoulli had never seen his application of water pressure, but his principle became the basic principle behind all heavier than air machines. Several aspects of a wing are necessary for flight. The wing must have a long enough span that the lift will counter act the force of gravity. The wing must be shaped in a foil design so that it produces lots of lift and less drag. There are many different shapes of wings, and foil designs all serving different purposes. The most commonly used foil design is a wing with a flat bottom and the top must be curved upward more drastically towards the front and sloping down to a point towards the end (a diagram of a foil design is shown in page 10). DragAnother important aspect of flight is the opposite of forward motion called drag. Drag can be seen in almost everyday life. An example of drag would be swimming in a pool. As you dive in the water the water must displace around you therefore causing two kinds of friction and slowing you down. The two types of drag friction that aircraft deal with are pressure drag and skin friction drag. An example of pressure drag is the air that hits the frontal part of the wing, or the most forward flat part of the wing and causes the plane to slow down. An example of skin friction is the actual air moving over the wing and being slowed down by the skin of the wing. There are a few other types of drag called induced drag. Induced drag basically means that drag caused by lift. Since the plane moves upward during lift the plane also has to displace air above the wing. Another type of induced drag is the drag caused by the wing tips. As the aircraft lifts off the ground air wants to move onto the top of the wing rather than stay on the bottom (equalize pressure). The wing tips actually allow the air on the bottom of the wing to travel to the top in a sideward motion or around the wing tip. When this happens the air from the bottom of the wing pushes down on the wing forcing the airplane to want to go down. â€Å"The only way to eliminate wing tip drag is to have a wing of infinite size, which is impossible because lift would not be effective (Smith 77).† All of the different kinds of drag play a great role in the designing of the aircraft, and its efficiency. Drag has its biggest effect on the fuselage, or the body of the aircraft because of its large size. Since all types of aircraft have mass it is impossible to eliminate all drag; therefore aircraft must be designed to use drag to their advantage, or be efficient enough that lift over powers drag. Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage in the Unit EssayTechnology Essays